Web sites. Who needs 'em?

Maybe you. Maybe not. Let Szper & Norlin's flyingfrog.com offer you a FREE consultation to assess and explain the benefits to your business of internet exposure. Perhaps you need only a home page, maybe you require a database or secure e-commerce set-up. Szper & Norlin's flyingfrog.com has the knowledge and experience of not only web site design but actual marketing in the real world. What sells and to whom. No preset packages to mass market, then add on all the extras. You get the whole story, up front and tailored to your needs.
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Web Graphics. Hot and Fast!
  This is where we really shine! Original graphics that convey your message AND download fast! Nothing worse than sitting through an interminable download for garbage. Or from the site owners point of view, having people leave because the wait is too long. Don't waste peoples' time! We don't. You have experienced our download time. We can do that for you! Click to set-up an appointment.
Web Hosting. Why use a host?
  For one thing - the price.
Through an affiliate arrangement, Szper & Norlin's flyingfrog.com can offer web host packages that start at $12.95 per month for twelve months paid in advance for domain hosting. $9.95 for non-domain hosting. That price includes 20 mb storage, 4 e-mailboxes with unlimited aliases, Unmetered traffic, FrontPage support, a 30 day guarantee and more.
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  Copywriting, Text Editing, Speeches, Press releases, Slogans, Jingles, Themes and Hooks. From a single word or sentence to entire documents. Poetic to prose. Technical to humorous. Click to contact a staff writer.
Art Direction
  Please let us guide you through the process with the eye and expertise of an experienced design team. We each have our special talents. At Szper & Norlin, we focus on getting people's attention, making you look good, and ultimately increasing sales. Click here to book a date or check day rates.
Photo Styling
  Yes, your cousin takes nice pictures, but a professional will always use a professional photo stylist trained to see every detail in the picture and ultimately make each shot better. From expert fitting, prop design, creation and procurement, and constant attention to detail - let Szper & Norlin make every penny count. Click here to book a date or check day rates.
Partial Client list
  New York Fabrics, Rochester Big & Tall, Storybook Heirloom Clothes, Retail Marketing, Inc. System Integrators, Inc., D'ates D'signs, Inc., Exhibit Services Corporation, Just Call, Inc., GlobalFriends, Inc. Favrile, Inc., MarkeTrends, Inc. Sterling Magic, Inc., Shear fx Salon, Intermotive, Inc. The Business of Woodwork, The Creative Machine.