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Make-A-Difference Day

Pilot Hill's
entertained Grammas and Grampas
in Senior care homes for Make-A-Difference day.

Some of the Highlights:

Seven year old 'Toots' singing "Maresy Doats" and having an gentleman perk up and join her in a chorus. He told us he had learned that song when he was her age. What a treat!
One sweet gramma calling for the dogs to 'Lick my face! Lick my face!" She was thrilled to have our tiniest member slather her with kisses.
In the truck after all was done - we were exhausted but no one wanted to be done. So we drove around waving at people, talking about the day, and stopping for ice cream. Twelve yr old "Skeeter" was excitedly repeating, "Did you see their faces? They loved us! We brightened their whole day! Did you see their faces light up? " To see a 12 yr old 'get it' , the magic of giving yourself for fun and for free. well, that was the icing on the day for me.
They worked so hard building up to that one day for six weeks. And we all think it was worth it.


Skeeter (Tiffeny Troxel, age 12 )
Dotz (Brooke Mortensen, age 12)
BumpieBee ( Sharee Green age 16)
Gizmo (Derek Mortensen age 9)
Toots ( Taylor Mortensen age 7)
Bryce Angel (5 year old Yelo Lab)
NouggieBear (1 yr old, 8lb mutt)

Photo of Kid CLowns


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